Thursday, March 31, 2016

Number of the day: 7266

Properties of the number 7266:

7266 = 2 × 3 × 7 × 173 is the 6337th composite number and is squarefree.
7266 has 4 distinct prime factors, 16 divisors, 9 antidivisors and 2064 totatives.
7266 has a semiprime digit sum 21 in base 10.
7266 has a Fibonacci digit sum 21 in base 10.
7266 has a triangular digit sum 21 in base 10.
7266 is the sum of 2 positive triangular numbers.
7266 is the difference of 2 positive pentagonal numbers in 3 ways.
7266 is the sum of 3 positive squares.
72662 is the sum of 2 positive squares in 1 way.
7266 is a divisor of 3476 - 1.
7266 is palindromic in (at least) base 33.
7266 in base 13 = 33cc and consists of only the digits '3' and 'c'.
7266 in base 33 = 6m6 and consists of only the digits '6' and 'm'.

The number 7266 belongs to the following On-Line Encyclopedia of Integer Sequences (OEIS) sequences (among others):

Sequence numbers and descriptions below are taken from OEIS.
A008294: Triangle of coefficients in expansion of D^n (sec x) / sec x in powers of tan x.
A088144: Sum of primitive roots of n-th prime.
A104035: Triangle T(n,k), 0<=k<=n, read by rows, defined by T(0,0) = 1; T(0,k) = 0 if k>0 or if k<0; T(n,k) = k*T(n-1,k-1) + (k+1)*T(n-1,k+1).
A114170: Numbers n such that p(10n) is prime, where p(n) is the number of partitions of n.
A166884: Triangle, read by rows, that transforms diagonals in the table of coefficients of successive iterations of x+x^2+x^3 (cf. A166880).
A185508: Third accumulation array, T, of the natural number array A000027, by antidiagonals.
A200192: T(n,k)=Number of -k..k arrays x(0..n-1) of n elements with zero sum, adjacent elements differing by more than one, and elements alternately increasing and decreasing
A215245: a(n) = minimal value of A215244(k) for 2^n <= k < 2^(n+1).
A241168: Triangle read by rows: T(n,k) (1 <= k <= n) = Steffensen's bracket function [n,n-k].
A255424: Squarefree kernel of A255334: a(n) = A007947(A255334(n)).

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